Booking Conditions​

“The person making the booking is personally responsible for the entire booking.

Click on the link to access Nortic’s booking terms.

These booking terms also apply in case of illness. Extra cancellation insurance can be obtained from KLARNA; this option is offered to you before completing your payment.

Placement on board,

  • The seat and table choices made by the guest during online booking apply to the current cruise. However, the shipping company reserves the right to change seats for parties if necessary.
  • Tables 26, 27, 28, 29 are wheelchair accessible.
  • Live music is always on the lower deck, where the noise level is higher than on the upper deck.
  • Tables 1-25 on the lower deck are bolted to the deck. These tables are slightly smaller, and it’s a bit tighter to sit at them.
  • Remember to book “whole tables” (i.e., fill the seats at one table) if you do not wish to share a table with another party.

Canceled departures.

Hartford Rederi AB has the right to cancel departures for sea cruises due to:

  • The captain deems the weather conditions too poor, such as excessively strong winds, high waves, or dense fog.
  • Hartford Rederi AB has the right to cancel departures from the dock due to technical problems that would prevent the journey from being conducted safely.
  • Hartford Rederi AB has the right to cancel departures from the dock due to natural disasters, acts of war, labor disputes, prolonged interruptions in water or energy supply, or other similar events that the shipping company could not foresee or control.

If Hartford Rederi AB cannot carry out a sea cruise departure due to the reasons mentioned above, the company has the right to conduct the event at the dock without being liable for compensation for the canceled sea cruise transportation.

If Hartford Rederi AB cannot carry out either the sea cruise or the event at the dock, the full ticket amount will be refunded to the customer within 3 bank days. However, any additional expenses incurred by the customer will not be reimbursed by the shipping company. The shipping company does not compensate for any delays economically.

In the event of a cancellation by the shipping company, we will contact all bookings via SMS to your provided mobile number and also via Email. It is the customer’s responsibility to check their phone and email.

Any cancellation by the customer is done by emailing or by phone Monday-Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 at tel 0455-619700.

Cancellations are not accepted via SMS, social media, or orally to the crew on board the ship.

Specific conditions apply for chartering the entire ship or a whole salon on board.”

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